The White Rose

In 1933, Brown-shirted Nazis swarmed into local church leadership elections and installed new “German Christian” leaders. While a minority of Protestant churches resisted, forming the anti-Nazi “Confessing Church”, most were effectively compromised. Active, organized resistance to the Nazi state would not erupt until June, 1942, when a group of Munich students began an 8-month leafleting and graffiti campaign that would end with their arrest and execution. They are remembered, not only for their courage, but for the silence of all those who should have risen to their defense.


If you know, why don't you act?

- White Rose Pamphlet #3

Sophie Scholl

Sophie's Story

There is something so profoundly sad about the life and death of Sophie Scholl. To read or to tell her story is like watching a tragic movie over and over again, hoping against hope that this time she will escape. 

A Timeline of the White Rose

From the first anonymous leaflets, to the arrests, trials and executions, a timeline of the White Rose Resistance.

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